Pultrusion FRP profile

We design and fabricate of Pultruded FRP gratings many others type of profile with material of Polyester, Vinyl ester resin and Phenolic resin grating. The Isophthalic polyester resin gives it resistance to corrosion in the marine and most chemical industries whilst the Vinyl Ester resin is used mainly where there is a concentration of acids, the Phenolic resin grating is used in high fire rating, low smoke area.

FRP Grating & profile features:
1. Resistance to a variety of chemical corrosion, has excellent corrosion resistance.
2. Excellent flame retardancy
3. Beautiful appearance and easy maintenance, bright color, not easy to fade.
4. Insulation in a hazardous environment with electricity, with good safety.
5. Free designed, dimensional stability

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